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Václav Novák

Analyst/Consultant at Lundegaard

I came, I saw, and I analysed.

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Back in the 1990s, while still at high school, he designed his first information system that was used in practice. While at university, Václav realised that he did not want to spend the rest of his days dealing with problems such as "why on earth this weird exception was thrown" or "where’s the null pointer hiding". He also became aware that the best phase in software development is the initial stage, when a new system emerges from the fog of ideas and we get to the heart of the matter. He decided to move into SW analysis, where he remains today, with forays into programming, teaching and management along the way.

Since 2012 Václav has been working at Lundegaard, where he has been dealing mainly with "not web-related stuff" (especially biometric digital signatures), yet he is also involved in some web integration work.

Václav Novák

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