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Tomáš Zajíček Tomáš Zajíček@LinkedIn

Technical Director at Lundegaard

Design, development and operations at maximum efficiency.

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Tomáš Zajíček has been member of the development team at Lundegaard since 2001. Since then he has gradually undergone various positions - from programmer, system architect to specialist in operating systems and solutions based on application platforms  Java/J2EE and PHP. Additionally, he also currently focuses on managing the entire technical department.

In terms of web integration, he is directly responsible for selecting and integrating appropriate technology platforms for developing custom web solutions and their deployment in a standardized implementation process.

He sees himself an inventive technology enthusiast and considers the connection between a creative spirit and software engineering is a new kind of art. And as a true IT geek, he‘s asocial, for which he‘s not ashamed.

Tomáš Zajíček

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