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E-commerce Specialist at Prague airport

The internet is a web. A web without a boss spider. And it so it should stay that way.

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Even during my studies at a school focused on tourism and hospitality, I was interested in web technologies. Because of this, I chose the topic “Using web services in hospitality and tourism” for my graduation thesis. That was back in 2001 and the Internet in the Czech Republic was still in its infancy. Since then, I have been focusing for more than 10 years on solutions providing the most efficient use of Internet for various customers. There are many various tools that are under constant development and improvement. New technologies and options further increasing our possibilities to be successful and more efficient on the Internet are being developed all the time. Monitoring and following these trends is the only method how to constantly utilize the growing potential offered by the World Wide Web.

Ondřej Kňava, DiS

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