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UX designer at Lundegaard

I am pleased to look for connections between web design and design of the most common things of daily life and help to turn web into one of them.

About author

He is dedicated to webs since high school 11 years ago. On professional level as a student on Technical University of Košice. He is interested in technologies, art and specially design in all forms.

Since may 2013, he works at Lundegaard as online consultant and UX designer, where he also uses his experiences with web graphics and informatics analyst.

He`s up for new technologies, testing of new approaches and openness to creative ideas not inly in the web environment. Pleased to discover new sources of inspiration, virtual or on the places he visited and his creation is based on theory, that first you should thoroughly learn the rules to find out how to break them and come up with something new.

Lubo Ruska

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