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Karel Prokeš

Visual Designer

He has been with Lundegaard since 2013.

About author

Since the graphic designer's role involving the possibilities of using animations and transitions to create website presentations and applications increasingly blends with UX and motion design, it is in the interest of every designer to keep pace with the times and seek possible ways to get these transformations in web development involved in production and corporate processes. Karel decided to follow these changes, which lead him to include tools addressing this development in his work schedule.  

“Design should be simple and instructing – certainly not descriptive and overcombined. Since the purpose of a good design is not only to fascinate people, but also to result in a desired action or information clearly and intuitively, it is often necessary to take a clear stand and defend the design at all costs.”

Karel is definitely one of those people who want to do design for people and not for clients. He has a broad overview of current trends not only in the field of web design. His “Be Web Design” collection is the sixth most watched collection among web design professionals at Behance.

Karel Prokeš

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