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Ing. Jan Procházka Ing. Jan Procházka@LinkedIn

Director of Projects and Consulting at Lundegaard

He enjoys discovering new things and technologies and using them to solve common things, such as making "a better business" … in a meaningful, efficient and integrated way, if possible.

About author

Even though primarily educated as an economist (VŠE), he devoted an entire career to the possibilities of effectively using IT for business needs. He fell in love with the Internet and the online world and devoted his life since the pioneering days of the first browsers and websites, trying a number of his own projects and tried various technologies along the way.

Currently (and for many years) he has been working at Lundegaard. As part of the managerial duties, he is not only in charge of overlooking the project portfolio, but the consultant and analyst department as well. He is also the director of the newly formed (2010) Lundegaard Usability Center.

Nonetheless, he also enjoys applying his experience as a consultant in designing custom solutions for clients, especially if they have anything to do with mobile and multichannel approaches. He likes to push his stance forward, at or outside the office, that the classic desktop web is dead within two years.

Ing. Jan Procházka

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