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Ing. Gabriela Čížková

Web Architect

I enjoy the web architecture and publishing systems

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The internet field thrilled me ever since it replaced transferring information via cable. Gradually, I managed several large corporate portals, such as Česká pojišťovna and Zentiva and also a ten-language commerce portal Lekáři-online. At Česká pojišťovna, at the position of Project Manager, I helped bringing an Extranet to life for thousands of sales agents.

Currently I deal with web architecture, publishing systems and training.

I see Web Integration as a roof that retains the right direction of a large-scope web project. Due to extensive experience with such projects, I advocate that having a consistent and experienced leadership helps keep harmony and cooperation between all parties. Without it, the chance of the project‘s successful completion is smaller than the chance of the return of floppy disks.

Ing. Gabriela Čížková

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