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Web integration project from the clients’ point of view

A new website for the airport of Václav Havel in Prague focused on the communication and contact with the passengers and business partners. This project made full use of processes offered by web integrator.

The new website for the airport of Václav Havel in Prague started at the beginning of 2010. Because this project was classified as exceeding the cost limit, a tender for the selection of the most suitable supplier, including CMS solution, had to be chosen.
Therefore, a key element was to define high-quality tender requirements necessary for proper supplier selection.
It was imperative to provide detail explanations and to describe the largest possible scope of the intended solution, because the intention was to built a portal which will be maintained by almost 30 users but mostly not by IT or web professionals. It was also clear that the Prague airport webpage is to be used and accessed by registered users represented by cooperating airlines and also by companies or subjects working at the airport (B2B section). It was also planned that the website will be a portal used by customers to book services offered by the Prague airport as well as by other online service providers.
The project focused mainly on the 5 following key requirements:

  • Web server operations focusing on maximum security and availability.
  • Roles of airport webpage administrators and easy content editing.
  • Document workflow and its processing and progress all the way to the final publication of the document on live webpage of Prague airport (a document shall be understood as any web content, documents or any modification visible on the webpage).
  • Modularity of the system, adding new applications, connectivity with third-party applications and maintenance of these modules.
  • Ability to easily create other language versions.

At the beginning of the project planning stage we also considered the option of workflow document translations. We have considered creation of an scheme/process how the translation task would be sent to a translation agency together with online translation options, as well as with a maintenance-free online publishing. However, it was decided that this functionality would not be required due to safety reasons and due to internal translations.

After producing detailed requirements of the project, which also required special properties of WYSIWYG editor, including for example, easy change of URL address, easy transfer of documents in navigation or through the web structure, as well as other requirements, we have announced a tender with the intention to select the most suitable CMS supplier.
Implementation of the new web for the selected CMS solution began in summer of 2010 and was completed in November 2010. The new webpage was put into operation in November 3, 2010. All of the above-specified functionalities were used immediately. Mostly configuration and setup of administration roles and first use of the system by nonprofessional employees were the first tests the entire system had to go through. After each administrator role was set and after short training, each administrator was able to edit webpage sections that were assigned to him.
Also the hosting solution is able withstood large burst of traffic during during snow calamities or volcano explosions.

Since the website was made live, there have been many modifications and new implementations.

Some of the notable additions are below:

  • Option to make worldwide hotel reservations online, using the Whitelabel solution with a partner also focusing on accommodation services.
  • Online reservations of air tickets, insurance policies or vacation packages.
  • Reservation of VIP salons and improvement of online tour booking.
  • Additional B2B modules used to communicate with companies/subjects of the "Non-aviation field" (sales stores, restaurants located near the airport, etc.), CDM module with option to publish document of the above-specified companies/subjects.
  • Online questionnaires, registration relevant to statements focusing on utility networks around the airport.
  • Establishment of online map and connection with web contents.
  • Displaying of warning messages if nonstandard situations occur at the airport.
  • Connection of the webpage to Smart kiosks (touch screen information LCD panels at the airport).
  • Offering various contents for Mobile application used by the Prague airport for iPhone and Android platforms.
  • SMS services providing information about selected flights.

Connection of external and internal systems using xml and other protocols has already been standard feature.

All the above-mentioned functionalities are now available directly at the website, Connection of arrival and departure boards starting with reservation of various online services all the way to interactive map and online weather forecasts is also located on the website.

All connections are basically maintenance-free but also highly modular. Using the selected CMS LARS Vivo.

Web integration project from the clients’ point of view

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