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How to choose the right CMS

No website can manage without a CMS these days, but how should you choose the right one? What questions should be asked? What should you watch out for and what shouldn't be forgotten about?

Static websites, where each word had to be put in manually by a coder, are gone long ago. These days, it’s hard to go by without a content management system when it comes to small but mainly large-scale projects. With larger projects, it’s a vital necessity. As the capabilities of content management systems were getting better, the term „CMS“ was getting more known. CMS means it is a editorial (publication) system with added features.

CMS and its various groups are an integral part of any portal platform and it is absolutely crucial to include them when working with the contents. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention choosing the right one.

Which questions need to be asked

There are various systems for managing content, but their features and prices can differ as a Trabant or Audi do. When choosing a CMS, you should ask yourself the same questions as choosing a car.


QuestionsHow often will we use it?
For what purpose?
For how many people?
Which projects will be included?


Choosing a carYou will know if you're looking for either a truck or a two-seat sports car.


How to choose the right CMSYou will know whether you need a robust system for managing a large portal with various language versions which will be managed by 10 other people, or you just need a smaller CMS which will be sufficent for a 30 page website and it can be managed by just one person.




How fast is it?
Does it have simple controls?
Does it have premium features?
It is safe?


Choosing a car You will know if you want a vehicle with air-conditioning, airbags, leather seats and with powered steering or the basic one is sufficent, even if it only goes a maximum speed of eighty.


How to choose the right CMS You will know what your CMS needs to be capable of and how easy and quick it is to work with.


Price and services

QuestionsWhat is the starting price?
How much does the operation cost?
What are the additional services provided with it?


Choosing a carYou will know if you have the enough finances for a vehicle you want or you need to pay extra or compromise on your requirements.


How to choose the right CMS You will know how much it costs, and what are the subsequent license and service fees. Simultaneously you will find out what other services are provided to it.



Some advice


Figure out what you need

Make a list of requirements you really need and without which the system is inadequate. Don’t settle.

Think ahead

Do you have any future plans, the market is changing, your business is evolving, the demand in a year will be greater than it is today, but the CMS should suffice even then.

Do a research

Find out what do the systems offer, what features they have and how much they cost. Don’t give on one good recommendation, even from a best friend. His project may have different needs than yours.

Make a quick test

If it is a paid system then ask the person, who is offering it, for a quick demonstration. Thanks to that you will familiarize with a CMS and also you will try out the system and the company. The test will be described in a separate article.

Try to work with it

Even though the system is capable of what you need, there is still a big difference in HOW it feels when working with it. User-friendliness, simplicity and intuitiveness is important and will affect your speed and willingness. If more people will be working with it, then an easy to use interface is essential. A demonstration from someone else doesn’t beat your own personal experience – „touching“ it yourself. More tips will be published in the „User Interface CMS“ article.



How to choose the right CMS


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